Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Egg Shell Mosiac Craft

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you a fun craft using egg shells. For chapter 4 in Story of the World Vol 2 we learned all about the Byzantine Empire. One of the projects the book suggested was a Byzantine Mosaic. The suggested activity was a little time consuming and messy so we went with an easier process and it turned out wonderfully.

  1. Egg Shells ( I used one egg for each child) soak the egg shells in some soap and water for a couple of hours. Let them dry and your ready to use them.
  2. Canvas Tile  (4x4)
  3. Liquid water color (undiluted) 
  4. Paint Brush
  5. School Glue
  6. Pouring Medium

Pour Glue onto the canvas tile, crush the egg shell onto the glue and leave to dry. 

Once the egg shell has dried and adhered to the canvass paint over it with your chose of water color. Let it dry. 

I had the boys lightly paint using a tapping motion. If you use hard strokes the egg shells will peel off. 

After the paint dries pour some of the pouring medium. It gives it a thick glossy finish and it also keeps the egg shells from falling off. I purchased mine from Michael's. Leave it to dry for 24 hours. 

We only had blue liquid water color but if you have more colors it would turn out really nice. I wish the picture captured how glossy and glass like it turned out. 

That's it! The project was really simple and it turned out beautiful. We will be making more of these mosaics once I get more water colors. 

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