Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Seerah Activities Part 2

Hi guys, today I wanted to share with you some activities we have done while studying the Seerah of the Prophet (saw). We are using the book and video series from The Azharis over on YouTube.  We are also using my seerah timeline cards to help us organize the main events. You can grab the cards from my tpt store here

8. Omar accepts Islam

After reading about how Omar (ra) accepted Islam the boys made a sword out of pattern blocks. 

9.  The Boycott

The Muslims were boycotted by the Quraysh. No one was aloud to tread or speak with them. This was a very difficult time for the Muslims. The boycott order was taped to the Kaaba. We made aged paper. 

10. The Year of Sorrow

Two of the Prophet's greatest supporters passed away this year. We learned the name of Allah Al-'Aleem. Allah knows when we are sad and we should turn to Him when we are in need. 

11. Taif

When the Prophet (saw) went to Taif the people treated him horribly. They threw stones at him until his shoes were filled with blood. The Prophet (saw) still chose to forgive them. We learned about the name of Alah Al-Ghafoor and Al-Ghafaar. We talked about the importance of forgiveness. We also eat grapes just like the Prophet.

12. When the Moon Split

We read about the event "when the moon split" We made fizzing moon rocks (baking soda, food coloring, and water. Form the mixture into balls and leave it in the freezer overnight.) We also learned the name of Allah Al-Jabaar. Allah can do anything he wants and no one can stop Him. 

13. Al Isra Wal Miraj

After reading about this event we made this craft and talked about which prophet he met on which level of heaven. 

14. Migration

Sequencing the events of the story of Hijrah. I have a whole unit study if you are interested. 

I'll share the rest of the events in another post. I hope some of these activities are beneficial for you and your little ones. 

You can check out part 1 by clicking on the picture above. 

Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Seerah Activities Part 1

Hi guys, today I wanted to share with you some activities we have done while studying the Seerah of the Prophet (saw). We are using my seerah timeline cards to help us organize the main events. You can grab the cards from my tpt store here

1. The Birth of the Prophet (saw)

The Prophet (saw) was born in the year of the elephant. We learned the story of Abraha and his army. The boys helped me make a Kaaba and we retold the story using some props. 

The boys drew the story's main events and I helped them write down the narration. 

2. Growing Up In the Desert/ Death of His Mother and Grandfather

The Prophet (saw) grew up in the desert of Arabia with Halimah and her family. We made date palm trees and learned about the desert. 

3. The Prophet Marriage to Khadijah 

We read about the marriage to Khadijah and the work he did for her as a merchant. The Prophet (saw) was an honest man who was known as Al Ameen. The boys made bookmarks using beads and string. We read and watched videos on honesty and keeping your promise. 

4. First Revelation 

We learned about the story of the first revelation. We also learned about Angels. 

Cave model

We also worked on a family tree of the Prophet (saw)

5. Secret meetings at the house of Arqam

For three years the Muslims would meet at the house of Arqam to learn about Islam in secret. We did a secret message activity. All you need is a white wax crayon, cardstock or thick paper, and watercolor. Write your message and have someone else paint over it to discover the secret message. 

6. Openly calling people to Islam

After 3 years of secretly calling people to Islam, Allah commanded the Prophet to openly give dawah. We studied the tafseer of Surah Masad. 

7. The Prophet sends the Muslims to Abyssina 

We made a Hijrah map and learned about modern-day Ethiopia.

I hope these Seerah Cards and activities help you and your children learn about the Seerah of our beloved Prophet in a fun hands-on way. I'll share more activities in our next post. 

Thursday, 13 April 2023

Surah Kaafiroon

Hi, guys today I wanted to share with you the activities we did while studying the tafseer of Surah Kaafiroon. We always start off by reading from the Mini Tafseer books. The theme of this surah is not compromising your faith. We talked about how Islam differs from other religions. I did this study with my 4 and 7-year-old. We focused on

1. Places of worship
2. Clothing 
3. Celebrations
4. Not insulting anyone else's beliefs

As Muslims, we worship at a masjid. We learned the du'a for entering the masjid and the etiquette of visiting the masjid.  Our call of prayer is also different. Christians use the bell but we Muslims call the prayer and the one calling for prayer is called a Muezzin. We read the story of Bilal (ra). 

These are the books we read. We talked about how we dress as Muslims. Modest clothing, covering our 'awrah. The women wear hijab. 

We played this fun Masjid game

My son created a journaling page. I wrote down some prompts for him and he filled in the answers. For example, 
I am... 
I believe in... 
My Prophet is...
My religion is...

Surah Quraysh

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you some of the activities we did while studying Surah Quraysh. We read from Ad Duha Institue Mini Tafseer book. Using some objects we had around the house we talked about each verse. This surah talks about the blessings that Allah gave to Quraysh. 

1. He saved them from Abraha and his army.
2. He made them custodians of the Kaaba, making them respected among the other tribes. 
3. He united them as one nation
4. He protected them during their travels to Yemen and Syria. 
5. They did not suffer from hunger or thirst. They had an endless supply of Zam Zam water. 
6. The Prophet (saw) was from their tribe

Allah tells them to worship Him and Him alone at the end of the Surah. But they took all their blessings for granted and became an enemy of Islam. 

My son drew a map of Arabia and we talked about some of the dangers they could have faced during their trade expeditions. 

What lessons can we learn from this surah?
1. Remember all that we have is a blessing from Allah
2. To obey and be thankful for all that He has given us. 

We also learned the name of Allah Al Mu'izz (The One Who Gives Honor), and the du'a for leaving the house. 

Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Greek Vase Scratch Art

Hi guys, we recently wrapped up our Ancient History study. Our final project was this Greek vase scratch art. The lesson plans had us making them out of clay but I thought this scratch art might be more fun. 

My son started off by coloring his vase with brown wax crayons. Then, we painted the whole thing with black paint. 

Scratch Paint Recipe
Equal parts paint and soap

I purchased this pack from Glitter Meets Glue which comes with a roll and draw game. 
The art lesson also includes vase patterns.

He would roll the dice and scratch the pattern onto the vase

He really enjoyed this project. 

Al-Hameed Craft

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you an activity we did while learning the name of Allah Al-Hameed (The Praiseworthy). 

First, we watched this video to learn what the name Al Hameed means.

Then, the boys colored the name of Allah Al-Hameed. You can grab free 99 names of Allah coloring pages from here. 

We also watched the story of Qaroon. 

After learning about Qaroon the boys made a treasure chest craft. Inside we put the Tasbih
SubhanAllah 33 times
Alhamdulillah 33 times
Allahu Akbar 34 times

This lesson was part of our study of Surah Masad. You can grab a pdf version of this lesson by clicking on the image above. 


Friday, 31 March 2023

Surah Al-Kahf

Hi guys, today I wanted to share with you a craft we did while studying the Tafsir of Surah Al Kahf. 

“A light will illuminate for the reciter from one Friday to the next.” 

We are following along with The Azharis series on YouTube. We purchased the workbook to go along with the tafsir. 

You can grab the template and instructions for making this craft by clicking the link below. 

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