Friday, 20 December 2019

The Story of Prophet Musa (as) Free Unit Study

Hi guys, today I wanted to share with you another free unit study. This time we're learning all about Prophet Musa. This is only one part of his story, mainly focusing on when he was a baby. I put together this unit for my boys and I hope that it benefits you guys too. If you do find any mistakes please do contact me and I'll be happy to correct it.

As always the unit includes a schedule. You can use this how ever you see fit. 

With every unit we do I try to incorporate as many subjects as possible. This makes my life easier and it makes the lessons connected and flow better. 

Reading Comprehension/ Story sequencing Activities

After reading the story the boys and I sequence the main events of the story. This helps with comprehension and narration.

We also create a notebooking page with an illustration and practiced our cursive letters. This is not part of the unit, but we've loved how well they always turn out. You can find the chalk drawing lesson from Pepper and Pine's YouTube channel.

Board game helps the children answer story questions in a fun way. Answer the question, roll the dice and move along the river.

Language Arts

Story vocabulary lacing activity. We also use the vocabulary words as our spelling for the week.

Letter B hunt around the house. I had the boys find me things that start with the letter B around the house. 

For Grammar we searched for nouns in the story and made sentences. We added an article, adjective, and verb to our sentence. My son then helped me label the sentence using the Montessori grammar symbols.


The boys made clay baby baskets to use as story props and to play with.

There is so much more included in the unit and I hope that you will enjoy it just as much as we've enjoyed it. Make sure to tag us if you do share and do any of these activities @teachermomplus.

Click on the image to download your free copy.

I also have a free unit study about Prophet Yunus. Click on the image above to check it out. 

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Yunus (as) and the Whale Free Unit Study

As Salamu alaikum guys! My two younger boys and I have been working on a unit study all about Prophet Yunus. We turned this into a week long theme. I've been sharing over on Instagram all the activities. Since some of you were inquiring about the printables and activities I was sharing. I thought I would share a free unit study with you guys. This unit study is far from perfect and may contain some errors. I hope that you enjoy it and if you do find any errors you will contact me and I'll be happy to correct them.

I usually plan and add a lot of activities just in case the boys want to extend the unit. So please don't feel you have to do everything included or even do it the way I did it.

I read the story to the boys every day or show them a video or audio of the reading. I think this helps with comprehension and enjoyment of the story.

I've included a lesson plan schedule. I've also included books and videos we watched during this unit. The videos are from Youtube so please view them ahead of time just to make sure they are appropriate for your children.

I've also included a supply list, just in case you wanted to get everything for the unit in advance. You can always supplement with whatever you have around the house. Please be flexible and enjoy the time with your child. I think that is whats more important then doing all the activities perfectly.

I try to cover all subjects within the unit it makes everything flow smoothly for the child and makes my life easier.

At the beginning of the unit I set up our shelf with all the material and add a chalk drawing to grab the children's attention. They come down Monday morning and immediately run to the shelf to see what the new unit will be.

Here are some of the activities we did from the unit.

Narration and picture for the story

We also practiced the cursive letter W

Story sequencing activity. 

I've included some play dough mats for the younger kiddos to work on while they listen to the story.
There is an Arabic version also. 

For grammar we did a noun and verb hunt in the story.
For younger kiddos you can hunt for letters, sight words, or objects in the picture.

Du'a of Yunus (as) copy work. 
You can memorize the du'a in Arabic if you choose to. 

Feed the whale story comprehension game. Details for the game are included in the unit.

Lessons from the story craft. 

Story vocabulary cards. We also used these for our 
spelling words for the week.

Globe paper Mache activity. We learned about land vs water and made a globe as a our final project.

I set out some play silk, a whale figurine, and a paper boat for the boys to retell the story and to pretend play with. 

We also worked on a whale report. We watched videos and read books
together to help learn facts about whales. 

The boys and I also made some whales out of air dry clay. 

Click on the image above to download your copy 
of Yunus and the Whale.

Jzk for reading and showing interest in our unit study. I hope that it is of benefit to you and your family.  

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Stories of the Prophets- Ibrahim and Ismail

Hi guys, today I wanted to share with you our lesson on Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail. I shared on a previous post that I've been teaching grammar and handwriting using the stories of the prophets. We've so far read about Adam, Nuh, and Salih (AS). In that post I detailed the lay out of our lessons and what I cover with my first grader. If your interested click the picture below.

Since the story of Ibrahim and Ismail contain so many different parts, I decided to break them up into mini stories for my son. The first story we read was about when prophet Ibrahim was young and broke all the idol statues. As a punishment the people of the town threw him into a big fire and Allah had saved Ibrahim.

On the first day we read the story and just talked and my son completed an oral narration. On day two we worked on our drawing. Day two we talked about nouns and verbs related to the story.

I wrote down sentences on a piece of paper and my son used the Montessori grammar symbols to label each part of the sentence. For day three my son practiced the cursive letter I.

 The second story we covered was when Prophet Ibrahim left his son and wife on a barren desert. After running out of food and water, baby Ismail started to cry. His mother ran between As-Safa and Al-Marwa seven times looking for someone to help her. Then and angel came down and kicked the earth causing a spring to gash forth-Zam Zam water.

We talked about proper nouns vs common nouns for this story and also reviewed verbs, articles, and adjectives. For handwriting my son worked on cursive letter z. For some reason I don't have a picture of that, but If you follow me on Instagram I share our daily lessons on there.

The last story we read was about Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail building the Kaba.

For this story my son practiced the cursive letter K for Kaba.

That's it for our lessons. I hope that you guys are enjoying this series just as much as my son and I are enjoying it.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Mountain Unit Study

Hi guys, today I wanted to share with you guys our mountain unit study. This was a short unit that went with our India study.

We learned the different parts of a mountain using these three part cards from the Montessori print shop.

We also learned the different animals that live in the mountain also using three part cards.

Here are all the books we used for this unit. Our two favorite books are A Day on the Mountain and Let's Explore Mountains.

We also made a mountain diorama together, which the boys really loved.

We used a Amazon box as our base and created a mountain shape using aluminum foil and once we were satisfied with our shape we covered it with plaster sheets. We waited 24 hours for the plaster to dry.

Once everything dried we painted the whole thing gray and waited for that layer to dry. After lunch the boys painted the white peeks and the base of the mountain green.

The next day the boys added more detail to the mountain: animals, trees, and a stream. 

Once the mountain diorama was done, the boys added facts to the side of the box. We finished off this unit by learning the Arabic word for mountain.

We're off to China for our next unit and learning all about the ocean.

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