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Welcome to our china post. This week we learned all about china some of the activities we did were;

1.Finding China on the map
2.Coloring map/flag of China
3.Putting our China sticker on passport
4.Visiting the giant panda and kimono dragon at the Zoo
5.Lots of crafts
6.Learning about great wall of China
7.Making a model of the great wall of China
8.And many more things

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We located China on our globe. Colored the flag and map of china from Confessions of a homeschooler. We also put our china flag sticker in the boys passports. 

"O" worked on a panda lapbook  homeschool share
Komodo Dragon Craft 

Panda Craft using paper plates.
The boys worked on a panda puzzle together we bought this puzzle on our trip to the Zoo to see the Giant Pandas and Kimono Dragon

We made Chinese fortune cookies using muffin liners. I cut up small strips and the boys practiced writing Chinese numbers.I got the idea for this craft here

"O" writing the numbers

Paper Lanterns
World GeoPuzzle
Sushi craft and fine motor practice with chop sticks

 Great wall of china craft. Ours didn't turn out the way I wanted but the boys wanted to play with it so we stopped half way and just let them drive their cars on it. I got this idea from Confessions of a homeschooler


The Story About Ping


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And P is for Panda post here

Map/flag  and passport from Confessions of a homeschooler
Flag of the world sticker

Every day I asked "O" to find China on the map, we also practiced what continent its on. He colored the map of China/flag. He also put a sticker of the Chinese flag on his passport. 

Panda Lapbook from Homeschool Share

For our study about China we went to the Toronto Zoo to see the Giant Pandas and Kimono Dragon


"O" wrote about his trip to the Toronto Zoo to see the Giant Pandas in his Handwriting with Out tears Journal Draw and write notebook
"O" narrated his story summary and I typed it up for him. Then he drew a picture of a duck using  Draw write now book 1

This idea came from Delightful learning

Story Summary

Counting and Colouring Ping's Family Worksheet

After "O" counted all the family members which came out to be 68 including Ping. I asked him using his Math U See blocks to make 68.

After making the number with the blocks I had him draw it out (6 tens and 8 units)



After watching a video of a duck swimming I asked "O" why don't the feathers of the duck get wet?. 

We found out that the ducks go through a process called preening. They cover themselves in oil before entering the water. 

"O" and I did an experiment to test this out. We covered one duck with oil and left the other one dry. "O" poured water on both duck and noticed that the water would roll off the duck covered in oil.

After completing our science experiment "O" worked on a worksheet from explaining in his own words what preening is and I wrote it out for him.

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Delightful learning

Letter of the Week

P is for Panda

Big Panda Little Panda by Joan Stimson

"A" and I read Big Panda Little Panda by Joan Stimson. Along with the book I put out two panda bears, a panda puzzle, and a train set that we bought at the zoo. 

Panda Express train

Our trip to the Zoo to see the Giant Pandas

I took the boys to see the giant pandas at the Toronto Zoo. Both my boys are obsessed with pandas but "A" in particular is in love with them.

After the Zoo I did some activities as an extension.


Letter P stamping

P is for Panda Q-Tip painting

I typed sticky contact paper to the table and gave "A" some strips and circle blue paper. He practiced making the letter P with them.


Match the number


Panda out of paper plates. We ran out of black paper so we used different colors for the hands and feet.

Using green tissue paper "A" made some bamboo strips for panda

Fine Motor:

Big brother helped "A" work on a panda puzzle.

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