Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Front Cover

It finally snowed here we had 15 cm of snow this weekend. My boys were so excited and wanted to play in the snow. So this was the perfect time to row this simple book.


We found a reading of the book on youtube here. I played that for the boys and it had images of snow covered trees it was a really nice video. 

We discussed what a poem is and talked about how we can write our own poem. I read "Bugs" by Margeret Wise Brown and talked about what kind of a poem it is. 

In this poem she uses a lot of adjectives to describe the bugs. O and I wrote a list poem about winter since that was the theme of the book.  We used our white board to write all the things he knew about winter and I typed it up for him. He decorated it using felt snow flake stickers.

Winter wonderland trees. We were inspired but all the snow/icy trees in our neighborhood.
Shivery puffy paint snow man idea from Growing A Jeweled Rose

This was a really cool art activity that I found on Deep space sparkle its a multi media winter birch trees.

Animal foot tracks: 

We worked on a booklet that I put together about animal foot prints. I placed some cards around the room and gave the boys their binoculars. They went off finding different foot prints to record in their booklet. The animal foot print cards came from here the cards are under Zoology.

O is wearing his Dubai shirt that his aunt recently brought for him. Thanks aunty Amal :) 

Animal footprints using white play dough and Safari Toob arctic animals

Animal Poem:

Animals in the story:

I had O find all the different animals in the story and write all their names in the match books.

Sid the Science Kid Sorting Snowflake Game:

For a fun activity I let the kids play a game on pbs website Snowflake sorting.


Activity Ideas from Delightful Learning
Animals in the story Homeschool Share

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Homeschool Room

Sneak Peek

I've always wanted a separate school room for my boys (okay mainly for me). With our last house we didn't have the space for a school room. That was fine we still got all our work done and were still comfortable. But its been something I've been dreaming about and pinning ideas for my own future school room :).

The time has come biithnillah (by the permission of Allah)  that we have our very own space. We recently moved in to a new house that has a separate family room. I've been working on this room since we moved in to turn it into our my dream home school room but on a budget of course.

This is a little sneak peek that am giving you guys am so excited I just couldn't wait until it was all done. 

I've read so many post about rain gutter bookshelves that I wanted one of my very own. But am not handy and it involved way to many cutting and measuring for my test. So I decided to use the Ikea picture ledge, it turned out really well.

I hang some pictures that I order from Little Wings Gallery using some Ribba Frames that I purchased from IKEA for $9.99.

Stay tuned for a full room reveal. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


الحرف الباء
Letter Baa

"A" and I will be working on the Arabic alphabet along with the English. He knows the letters but he doesn't recognize all of them. The first letter were starting with is Baa. The reason why am I am doing it out of order is to make sure he isn't just memorizing it. But that he is able to recognize all the letters and all there different forms. 

All the worksheets are from Syraj Arabic Printable

The letter Baa worksheets are free on their website here.

Colour the baa according to the colour of its dot. Big brother helped him with this activity. This activity encourages alphabet recognition and the Arabic colours.  
letter baa tracing and penguin craft (بطرق)

The boys and I made a nest for our بطة (duck) using string, paint, and glue. This was a really fun craft.

Arabic vocabulary practice. I gave "A" cards with pictures of things that start with harf baa. He matched the picture to the object and repeated the name of each object after me.

Monday, 4 November 2013

A Pair of Red Clogs (FIAR)

Islamic Studies:

In the story Mako wanted to lie to her mother so she could get a new pair of clogs. After thinking about it she decided that it was not a good idea to lie. I discussed with the boys about being honest and the virtues of honesty. 

For Islamic studies we memorized a hadeeth of the Prophet (sallahu 'alaihi wa salam);

Abdullah narrated: The Prophet (SAW) said, "Indeed truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to paradise. (Tarmidah 2406).

To help the boys memorize the hadeeth I put a poster up on the wall with the hadeeth in both English and Arabic. 

I also made a booklet for "O" to trace each word of the hadeeth. He also used the white board to write the hadeeth to practice his penmanship.

The word we focused on most was the Arabic word for truth الصدق.
I included a disc from my box of Manners from Learning Roots

"O" practicing with the white board. 
I also had "O" track the weather for the week. But I had him tell me in Arabic what the weather is. This was a good practice since his working on weather and seasons in his Arabic class. 

كيف حال جوّ؟


After we read the story we discussed the setting. We located Japan on our globe. Coloured in the flag/map of Japan. And put our flag sticker on the boys passports.The map/flag of China are from Confessions of a homeschooler Expedition Earth.

We talked about what people wear and eat in Japan. We also learned had to say hello in Japanese (Kon'nichiwa).


We discussed what onomatopoeia words mean. We found the sound words in the book and highlighted them using our highlighter tape. 

Copy work from homeschool Share


Kimono doll bookmark here


Since this book had a weather theme I decided to do a making rain science experiment with the boys.

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Monday, 28 October 2013



Welcome to our china post. This week we learned all about china some of the activities we did were;

1.Finding China on the map
2.Coloring map/flag of China
3.Putting our China sticker on passport
4.Visiting the giant panda and kimono dragon at the Zoo
5.Lots of crafts
6.Learning about great wall of China
7.Making a model of the great wall of China
8.And many more things

Read my post on The story about Ping here
And P is for Panda here

We located China on our globe. Colored the flag and map of china from Confessions of a homeschooler. We also put our china flag sticker in the boys passports. 

"O" worked on a panda lapbook  homeschool share
Komodo Dragon Craft 

Panda Craft using paper plates.
The boys worked on a panda puzzle together we bought this puzzle on our trip to the Zoo to see the Giant Pandas and Kimono Dragon

We made Chinese fortune cookies using muffin liners. I cut up small strips and the boys practiced writing Chinese numbers.I got the idea for this craft here

"O" writing the numbers

Paper Lanterns
World GeoPuzzle
Sushi craft and fine motor practice with chop sticks

 Great wall of china craft. Ours didn't turn out the way I wanted but the boys wanted to play with it so we stopped half way and just let them drive their cars on it. I got this idea from Confessions of a homeschooler

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