Monday, 17 February 2014

DIY Felt Food Apple

After making the felt banana for my boys and seeing how much they loved it I decided to making them another. These are going to take me a while.

First I made a strawberry but it didn't turn out so well that's what happens when you try to hand sew something at midnight. I scrapped that idea and made an apple instead. The strawberry wasn't hard to make but I was working with very little brain power that night. Oh well I'll return to that project another day. I'll stop talking and show you some pictures of the apple felt food I made.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Introduction to Science lesson

 What Is Science?

The boys and I did an intro to science lesson today. I started off by reading What is Science? by Rebecca Kai Dotlich. This book is beautifully written simple words and easy to understand concept about science. The pictures are amazing my boys loved reading this story and picked up a tone of information about what science is.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Letter T craft

A and I worked on the letter T this week. He had a blast with this letter because it included some of his favorite things like Tiger, and Train.

I wont bore you with all the phonics things we did this week. So I'll share some of the crafts for the letter T we worked on.

Letter T Sensory Bin

A and I have been working on the letter T this week. One of his favorite parts about every letter study is the sensory bin. I put together a sensory bin using rocks, green stones and all the material from his letter T phonics box.

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