Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Make Your Own Fairy Tale Book

Hi guys! I wanted to share a fun way for your child to publish their own fairy tale story. The boys have recently been working on writing their own fairy tales. I thought it would be fun to make their own books. If your interested how we did this keep reading.

The boys started off by aging their paper using a tea bag and some warm water. 
We used water color paper but I am sure card stock works just fine. 

Once the paper dried I burnt the ends to give it a worn out look. You can just
have your child rip the ends if you don't want to burn it. 

With my help they found clipart to match the characters in their story. Here is my 
first grader coloring his princess who loves to read. 

We made the O in once upon a time really fancy. He drew a tree inside and decorated it with vines. 

My 3rd grader drew poison apples inside his O.

I drew light lines to guide them so their writing was more neat. 

Once they finished writing their story inside the book. I used some string to bind the book. 

They added their pictures and numbered the pages. 

That's it! It was really fun and the final copy turned out really nice. You can make this book for any story not just fairy tales.

Click on the image to check out the entire fairy tale unit. 


  1. I want to do this. Love it!

    1. It was really easy and fun. I hope you enjoy making it! :)


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