Saturday, 7 October 2017

Canada's Natives: Wampum Belts

Hi guys! We have been studying different native groups in Canada for history. We have loved learning about their history and traditions. The group we are focusing this time is the Eastern Woodland farmers. For this group the boys made a wampum belt.

What is a Wampum Belt?

Wampum beads were used to create intricate patterns on belts. These belts are used as a guide to narrate Haudenosaunee history, traditions and laws, The origins of wampum beads can be traced to Aiionwatha, commonly known as Hiawatha at the founding of the League of Five Nations.

The boys started off by first designing a pattern for their wampum belts. We used this printable here. 

Once they completed their designs, they strung the beads to their loom. 

Making the wampum belt took about an hour, but the boys found
it soothing. Well they made the belts we listened to our read aloud. 

Here is both boys completed belt.

To help us learn how to make this project we watched this video series. She walks you through how to set up your loom and step by step instructions on how to complete this project. It was very helpful. I hope you try out this activity!

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