Sunday, 5 November 2017

Exploring an Iroquoian Village

History is a favorite subject around our house. Part of the reason why the boys love it so much is that we keep it as hands on as possible. This year is no exception, we've been learning about Canada's Native Groups.

We had an opportunity to visit a reconstructed 15th century Iroquoian village. From 1973 to 1987, excavations uncovered 11 longhouses on the site and over 10 000 artifacts from day-to-day lives of the Iroquoian people who once lived in the village. Three of the longhouses have been reconstructed based on the archaeological findings. (

The boys were in awe and loved every minute of our visit. We didn't go with a group and just did the tour ourselves. It was a good way to review and make some of what they learned in the books come to life.
Inside one of the longhouses

Here, the boys are pretending to pound corn just as the Iroquois did. 

Exploring deer/moose antlers and animal hides.
We even got to look at a turtle shell. 

The boys surprisingly found the beds comfortable.

A baby carrier 

exploring all the different baskets and food they harvested and dried. 

The longhouses were massive and just impressive. 

I hope you enjoyed taking a little tour along with us. The boys want to revisit and see the one longhouse that was under construction. They got to also play a game of lacrosse which was invented by the Iroquois. I didn't get any pictures because my battery died :(. But if you live in the Toronto area this is one place you must visit.

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  1. We love history too! Field trips always make it memorable. (I was not able to see the pictures)

  2. Thank you for stopping! I fixed the pictures, I hope you visit again so you can look at them :).


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