Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ancient Egypt

This unit study was a lot of fine for me and the boys. We explored both modern day Egypt along with Ancient Egypt.

Here are some of the books we enjoyed and used during our studies:
  • Ms. Frizzle's Adventures Ancient Egypt
  • Who Built the Pyramids
  • The Story of Musa 
  • Passport to the past Ancient Egypt
  • Explore Ancient Egypt
  • Pyramids 50 Hands on Activities to Experience Ancient Egypt ( this was my favorite book its filled with tons of hands on activities)
 We started by learning all about the geography of Egypt:
  • We located Egypt on the map and Cairo along with the Nile River
  • Learned how to say hello and goodbye along with other phrases in Arabic
  • Colored the Egyptian flag and learned about its meaning

Flag and map worksheets are from Confessions of a Homeschooler

 We completed some worksheets from Evan Moor History pockets;

Nile River worksheet

Nile River Painting

Live model of the Nile River we got this project from one of our library books. The kids had a blast making this and flooding the Nile every week. They were so happy once the grass started growing. 

 This was another fun project the kids and I did together. We made a pyramid after reading some books and watching some videos on Youtube.  We made our model using Neutral Styrofoam bricks we bought at Michale's.

We also learned all about hieroglyphics, I left the kids a secret message on our whiteboard for them to decode.

They also wrote their names in hieroglyphics;

We painted them with tea bags and burnt the ends to make the paper look old :)

To conclude our Egypt study we read some children's books on Musa and watched a video by learning roots.


  1. This looks really intense. You look like you did a great job planning.

  2. Thanks! It was a lot of fun :)

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