Tuesday, 30 December 2014

الحشرات (Insects)

Lately we've been incorporating unit studies in our homeschool. Its been a lot of fun and it holds the boys interested. I let them pick a topic or base my unit study on a question one of the boys has asked. "O" has been into animals lately so that's what our main focus has been on.

So far we've done a unit study on skunks (weird I know but boys will be boys ), owls, and next will work on bees. All of the unit studies were in English so I decided to make whatever we study next in Arabic. 

The boys requested to do a unit study on Insects so that's what this post is about. 

1. الحشر : The Insect
2. الحشرات : The Insects
3. النمل: The ant
4.  The spider العنكبوت
5. The butterfly الفراشة
6. The grasshopper الجندب
7.The fly  الدبابة
8  The bee النحلة
9 The mosquito البعوضة

These are some of the books we used in our study

I used card stack paper and bonded them together using craft rope.

pocket envelope to hold all the three part cards.

3 Part card an insect toob. The boys matched each insect to the picture card.


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