Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Art Around the World: India (Taj Mahal Bleeding Tissue Paper Art)


Today I am sharing another Art Around the World post. The boys and I are off to India and learning some fascinating facts. We chose the Taj Mahal as our art subject, after reading about how/why it was built we got started on our art project.

I follow the tutorial on Crafty Classroom, they have many wonderful other art projects you should check them out.

It was a perfect project because I already had all the material I needed. Don't you just love it when that happens!

I traced an outline of The Taj Mahal on to the paper and had the boys color it in with white oil pastel, making sure to leave some parts uncolored.

With a little bit of water they started to cover their paper with the bleeding tissue paper. I purchased mine from Amazon, I am not sure if they have it at Michaels.

The idea is that where ever you colored with the oil pastel the tissue paper wont bleed through. We let our paper dry and once it dried we removed all the tissue paper off.

I gave the boys a sharpie to go over their picture and draw in some of the detail. I left that part optional and my younger son chose not to fill in the details. It still turned out really beautiful.

My 7 year old chose to put in details. 

We backed it onto black construction paper to make all the colors pop. With or without the details the project turned out really beautiful.

The boys insisted I hang it up above my desk. Now I have some beautiful art work to look at :).

For more art around the world ideas and geography resources check out my Geography Pinterest board.

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  1. What a wonderful project! Have to try this. Another method is using the Watercoloring masking fluid , but this one seems a lot quicker!

    1. Thank you! I have not heard of the water coloring masking fluid, I'll have to look into that.

    2. Hey! have featured your post in this weeks Practical mondays, feel free to grab the featured button :)

      BTW I tried this, but in a bit different way, more about it later!

    3. Thank you for the feature! I can't wait to see your version :).

  2. What a wonderful art project! I love this. We'll have to try this.

    1. Thank you!I hope you and your kids enjoy it :).


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