Monday, 14 March 2016

Anansi the Spider Craft

We are on to ancient Africa in our history curriculum. We were introduced to a wonderful African folk tale "Anansi the Spider."

I checked out a few versions of this popular African folktale, and the boys enjoyed all the versions. I think I read 4 different ones in one sitting.

One of the activities suggested was to make Anansi the spider using some Styrofoam balls. I didn't have any on hand so, I put together a printable craft. It is available for free, for you to download at the end of this post.

I printed ours on black construction paper. You can do the same or just have your child color with a black marker/crayon.

We used oil pastels to add some patterns and color to our spider. 

The boys weaved a spiders web using a paper plate and some yarn.

We attached "Anansi" to her web and our craft was complete.
Click on image to download your free copy.


  1. If your kids enjoyed the books about Anansi, I have another recommendation for you. The Storynory podcast did a few different Anansi stories about 8 months to a year ago. If you aren't very familiar with podcasts, I did a blog entry about them, which also has a link to Storynory:
    Hope they enjoy!

  2. I checked out your blog post so many helpful resources. Thank you!


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