Thursday 26 May 2016

DIY Scratch Paper Art

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you a really fun and colorful project the boys and I worked on. I've seen different types of scratch paper art and I knew it was something the boys would enjoy. This project is really simple and fun. The only down side is the waiting for the paint to dry but, all good things are worth waiting for right?

Supplies you will need:
  1. Cardstock
  2. Oil pastel
  3. black paint
  4.  Soap
  5. and something to scratch the paper with. We used a toothpick but you can use anything a pencil, toothpick, fork,etc.
I give the boys each a piece of card stock. I cut them to the size of an index card just so that it would be easy to color. You can use any size you would like. The boys colored the card stock with oil pastels making sure to fill the entire page.

 I mixed together a small amount of soap and black paint. The soap just helps the paint go on a lot smoother. The boys painted their paper and we let it dry and covered it with a second coat of paint.

We set a timer for the paint to dry.

 After patiently waiting the paint finally dried. Now for the fun part of the project SCRATCH!

I didn't give them any instruction on what to draw I just left it up to them and they had a blast scratching away.

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  1. I love this idea. Especially all of those colors underneath that black shining through. I love that you let your kiddos scratch whatever they wanted to. I think it is important to give them plenty of opportunity to do just that. I'm trying this with my kids soon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, thanks for the inspiration for today rainy and windy afternoon!
    Greetings from Switzerland!
    10 Useful Tips to Get Crafty with Kids

  3. Thank you for linking up at "A Little Bird Told Me" Wednesday link party! You have been featured on Mama's Happy Hive blog. :)


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