Friday, 27 May 2016

How I use a Checklist In My Homeschool

Since it's homeschool planning and curriculum purchasing season, I thought I would share how we use a checklist system to keep the boys and me on track. I did a full post on how I plan my week so, if you would like to check that out you can go here. 

I use this checklist system for two main reasons:
  1. To help the boys stay on track
  2. To let them know when school is over.
It has helped to greatly reduce the "mom, when is school over?" or "how much more?" The questions I am sure we homeschool mom's are familiar with.

I use a simple spiral notebook and some colorful highlighters just to make it more fun.

What goes in the notebook
Inside the notebook I have two sections one for independent work and one for what I teach I call it "mommy teaches." Their independent work is work that they can do on their own with little to no help from me. Things like grammar, handwriting, math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and independent reading. This does not mean that they cannot come to me with questions or help. The second section is what I teach them. Things like Spelling, Phonics, Science, Geography, History, etc. 
Since I teach both boys and have to divide up my time, having the two sections separated allows me to say "go do your independent work, well I teach your brother spelling." Without having to list you can do this or this or this. They know exactly what they can do.

Once they complete one thing they cross it off and move on to the next thing. At the beginning of the year I allow them to pick out their notebooks and what color highlighters they want. This just allows them to have a say in their schooling and allows them to look forward to using their notebooks. 

Where I keep their notebooks

I keep their notebooks in the same spot so that we don't ever misplace them. This also helps to set a routine for using the notebooks. When we are ready to start school they know to go straight to their notebooks and everything they need to know is in there.

This has simplified my planning and our homeschool daily routine. Don't get me wrong my kids still complain and ask what are we doing next. But instead of telling them go do this, I can simply say go get your notebook and you'll know what to do. 

I hope this post was helpful and if you have any questions let me know. 

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Until next time :)


  1. TY for sharing this on Instagram - I love this idea and plan to use it next year with my 4 and 6 yo!!! They are always getting off track! LOL ;) I know the list will pretty much just say:
    Cut things up
    Glue stuff all over the place

    But I think it will help them get used to completing tasks and following a schedule! They will like using highlighters! :)

    1. Am so glad it was helpful! :). That's a really good idea, teaching them to get use to a schedule. I love your list ;).

  2. Great idea! I have been looking for something to use with my three boys to make them more independent.

    1. Thanks!It has helped a lot keeping the boys on track.


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