Monday, 20 June 2016

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices (2016-2017)

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you our curriculum choices for my 3rd grader. Even though he works at about a 4th grade level. This year he will be an official 3rd grader. Where is the time going? :(

Language Arts:
  1. All about Spelling level 5
  2. Rod and Staff Grade 4 (Grammar)
  3. Rooted in Reading (He'll be joining in with his brother)
  4. Wordly Wise Book 3 (Vocabulary)
  5. Independent Reading (I'll share his required reading list on a separate post)
  6. Write On! (writing)

  1. Math U See Gemma
  2. Evan Moor word problems grade 3
  3. Life of Fred Edge wood and Farming
Islamic Studies:
  1. We will be going through the seerah of the Prophet (SAW) using "When the Moon Split" (Dad will be leading this).  
  2. Memorizing the 30th Juz (he is currently working on this with his dad, and they'll continue)
  3. Tafseer based on the Surah's he memorizes (with Dad)
Science: (Group Subject)
We will be using Apologia Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology. I shared all about that here.

Geography: (Group Subject)
This year we will be learning all about Canada. I will share more details of all the material I gathered for this subject on a separate post. Here are some free resources I created to go along with our Canada study.
  1. Canada Powerpoint Presentation
  2. Animals of Canada

History: (Group Subject)
  1. Story of the World Volume 2 plus activity book. I got the boys the audio version just to enjoy in the car. They love Story of the World.
  1. Both boys go to Arabic class twice a week
  2. Field trips with our homeschool group (which ever ones we're interested in)
  3. French (both boys will be starting French this year)
  4. Homework (for about 20 minutes every evening they will rotate between math and language arts). I'll be using different resources just to help them master some topics they might be struggling with. 
  5. Read aloud List

That's it guys! What grades will you be teaching this upcoming school year?

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