Saturday, 13 August 2016

Beaver's Lodge Craft

The beaver is an official symbol of Canada and you can find it on the Canadian nickle. It was only right that we learn all about this furry little creature.

Fun Facts About Beaver's 
  • The Beaver is from the rodent animal family
  • The Beaver's tail is thick and shaped like a paddle
  • Beaver's spend their time building lodges
  • A Beaver's teeth never stop growing.

 All about Beaver's worksheet. 

We read this non-fiction text to help in our research about beavers.

After reading the book the boys put together their own beaver lodge craft. 

What you need:
  1. Brown construction paper (for the mud)
  2. String (I used brown string for the sticks)
  3. Blue construction paper (for the water)
  4. Beavers and labels for all the parts (here).


During the craft we were able to go over the steps for building a beaver lodge. 

To end our study we watched this really cool video on beavers building lodges. 


That's it guys! I hope you this craft and wonderful book.


  1. Wonderful idea for a craft about beavers. Thank you for sharing and greetings from Taiwan.

  2. Hi. Can’t open the beaver file?

  3. Thank you for your blog site. It’s so great. I would love to use some of your stuff in my class.


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