Thursday, 20 October 2016

Preschool Construction Activities

Hi guys! For today's construction themed activities we worked on some number recognition by building lego towers, alphabet matching in our sensory bin and some play dough B is for bulldozer activity.


this was really fun and easy to put together, the objective of this activity was to work on number recognition and different ways to write the number. I wanted him to match the number with the dice quantity/how many fingers and number word. 

He was able to do this activity almost independently the only thing he needed help with was the number words. 


for this activity I combined black beans, our rock alphabets, lower case matching printable and a dump truck. He dug out all the rocks collected them onto the dump truck and drove them over to the ''work site" (printable). 

  Play Dough "B is for Bulldozer " Activity

I helped him roll out the play dough and form the B shape. He traced the outline of the b using rocks. 


This has been a really fun theme and I am kind of sad tomorrow will be our last day. I can't wait to plan our next theme! :)

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