Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Dice Wars

Our main math curriculum this year is Math U See. We have really enjoyed it, since its the end of the school year our we are getting closer to finishing the book.

To help my son practice and retain his math facts we have been playing lots of math games. One of the games he loves is dice wars.

What you need:
  • two players
  • two dice
  • math manipulative (optional)
  • writing utensil 
  • paper or something to write on. I used a card stock and put it inside a page protector
How to play:

Player one rolls both dice and adds up the sum. Player two rolls both dice and adds up the sum, the person with the higher amount wins that round. We used tally marks to keep score, which is a real life use of tally marks. Two birds with one stone ;).

once both players work out their equation I would ask him which number is larger, and he would circle the larger number. That player would get a point. 

If he had difficulty with a question he was allowed to use his math blocks.

We also practiced subtraction. With subtraction we said who ever had the smaller amount would get the point. 

Big brother wanted to join in the fun so him and I practiced his multiplication facts. We played with the same rules as the addition version.

What math games do you guys like playing?  I am always looking for more games to add on to our math routine.

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  1. Thanks for the idea! I recently purchased large dice for my preschooler and my 5 year old son keeps wanting to play with them. This is perfect!

  2. Did you know that there is also an educational game called Dice Wars too. Check it out and tell me what you think.


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