Saturday, 5 August 2017

FREEBIE! Inuit of the Arctic Vocabulary Charts

Hi guys! I've shared with you before that this year we will be studying the different Native American groups in Canada. As we study each group I'll be share some freebies with you guys. The first group we will be focusing on is the Inuit of the Arctic.

Today I wanted to share with you some vocabulary charts and cards. I hope you benefit from them .

Here are all the 12 words that we will focus on; Permafrost, Eskimo, Inuit, Inuk,
Inuktitut, Nunavut, Igloo,Cache, Kayak, Umiak, Komatik, Aumiat. 

I always display our vocabulary words on these clipboards that are mounted on the wall. 

The boys will use these vocabulary cards to record the words.
Click on the image to download your free copy. 

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