Wednesday, 6 November 2013


الحرف الباء
Letter Baa

"A" and I will be working on the Arabic alphabet along with the English. He knows the letters but he doesn't recognize all of them. The first letter were starting with is Baa. The reason why am I am doing it out of order is to make sure he isn't just memorizing it. But that he is able to recognize all the letters and all there different forms. 

All the worksheets are from Syraj Arabic Printable

The letter Baa worksheets are free on their website here.

Colour the baa according to the colour of its dot. Big brother helped him with this activity. This activity encourages alphabet recognition and the Arabic colours.  
letter baa tracing and penguin craft (بطرق)

The boys and I made a nest for our بطة (duck) using string, paint, and glue. This was a really fun craft.

Arabic vocabulary practice. I gave "A" cards with pictures of things that start with harf baa. He matched the picture to the object and repeated the name of each object after me.

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