Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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It finally snowed here we had 15 cm of snow this weekend. My boys were so excited and wanted to play in the snow. So this was the perfect time to row this simple book.


We found a reading of the book on youtube here. I played that for the boys and it had images of snow covered trees it was a really nice video. 

We discussed what a poem is and talked about how we can write our own poem. I read "Bugs" by Margeret Wise Brown and talked about what kind of a poem it is. 

In this poem she uses a lot of adjectives to describe the bugs. O and I wrote a list poem about winter since that was the theme of the book.  We used our white board to write all the things he knew about winter and I typed it up for him. He decorated it using felt snow flake stickers.

Winter wonderland trees. We were inspired but all the snow/icy trees in our neighborhood.
Shivery puffy paint snow man idea from Growing A Jeweled Rose

This was a really cool art activity that I found on Deep space sparkle its a multi media winter birch trees.

Animal foot tracks: 

We worked on a booklet that I put together about animal foot prints. I placed some cards around the room and gave the boys their binoculars. They went off finding different foot prints to record in their booklet. The animal foot print cards came from here the cards are under Zoology.

O is wearing his Dubai shirt that his aunt recently brought for him. Thanks aunty Amal :) 

Animal footprints using white play dough and Safari Toob arctic animals

Animal Poem:

Animals in the story:

I had O find all the different animals in the story and write all their names in the match books.

Sid the Science Kid Sorting Snowflake Game:

For a fun activity I let the kids play a game on pbs website Snowflake sorting.


Activity Ideas from Delightful Learning
Animals in the story Homeschool Share

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