Sunday, 5 January 2014

IKEA Expedit Shelf turnd Bench

I think I am very late on this wonderful idea but I have become obessessed. Am talking about the IKEA Expedit shelf turned bench tutorials all over pinterest. Finally I've decided to make one for my homeschool, after gathering all necessary material reading tones of tutorials online I got started.

I haven't finished the whole thing yet its missing the legs and some pillows that I have to make for it. But I am so happy with the end result it was worth all those trips to Micheals and IKEA.

Here is what it looks like so far....

Here are the tutorials I followed here and here for upholstering the bench. And the fabric I chose for the bench is also from IKEA.

Thanks to the hubby one project down (almost) and a bunch more to go. If your also in Toronto message me and I can tell you were I got all my material.

Stay tuned for updated pictures :)

Its been a while since I made this bench for the school room. Its only missing extra pillows and the baskets but here's what it  looks like with legs and two pillows I made for it.

**UPDATE** #SewCrazyChallenge  I purchased some bedding from IKEA to use for the boys room a while back. After our move I changed up the theme/style of the room and this bedding didn't work with it anymore. I decided to use the pillow covers to make a envelope style throw pillow for the school room. I added black pipping it really goes well with everything. :) Oh by the way the bedding is called EIVOR ORD Duvet cover and Pillow case.

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