Monday, 6 January 2014

Letter M Phonics Box

A and I have been working on letter sounds, even though he knows all his sounds sometimes he gets confused when its time to isolate that sound with its corresponding object/word.

After reading Counting Coconuts (read her how to she does a fabulous job in explaining, and gives plenty of resources where you can find the mini figurines) I decided to put together my own phonics box for A.

I will be making each box as we go along and sharing our ideas on how A is using the box.

Letter M phonics box:

Moose, Mom, Money, Monkey, Millipede, Marble, Mouse

I am using a small container to store these figurines. I don't really like having all these small boxes I think there going to take up to much space but right now this is what I have. It will change as soon as I find something else to store them in. Each box will have a label with the letter so that A is able to find his boxes without my help. 

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