Sunday, 30 March 2014

Beginning sound word wall/Alphabet Tree

When A started his letter of the week activities I knew I wanted to make him a word wall and an alphabet tree. I decided to make him a picture word wall because he isn't reading yet.

Word Wall

I placed the picture cards in his phonics boxes along with all the other items, and each week we would go through the pictures and practice the beginning sound. At the end of the week we would walk over to his word wall say the name of each picture and place it with its cooresponding letter.

For example he would say "pppp popcorn" and find the letter P and place the picture card under the letter P. He loves being able to do this independently.

Letter P picture cards.
After completing a few letters I would have him read his word wall after morning circle using pointers I hang up on the side of our Ikea shelving.

The pointers are from a local teacher supply store, and the fly swatters are from dollar tree. I hang them up using command hook.
Alphabet Tree

For the alphabet tree I used a peel on/off vinyl tree I purchased from home depot. Last year I ordered a palm tree from amazon but this year I went with this type. After completing a letter for the week, I would give him a cut out of the letter and have him hang it up on the alphabet tree.

He usually likes to do this with his dad. He will wait till the end of the day when his dad returns from work, and he'll pick him up and put the letter up on the wall together. Its really sweet to watch plus its away for my husband to get involved with our homeschool :).

I hope this post was helpful and gives you some ideas :) leave a comment and share with us if you use a word wall or alphabet tree!!

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