Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Henry's Freedom Box Lapbook

Hi guys! I hope you are having a wonderful week. Since February is Black History Month the boys and I have been reading and learning a great deal about some great men and women who have made a change. We read Henry's Freedom Box which is a sad and beautiful story. The illustrations that accompany the story is breath taking, you can see all the emotions of each character. Here are some of the lapbook activities we worked on.

Sequencing Henry's freedom path

We discussed all the challenges Henry faced during his time. 

We also worked on a cause and effect foldable. 

Vocabulary from the book and facts about the Underground Railroad.

We also talked about mood and the boys picked two scenes from the book and wrote about how they felt while reading about it. 

The boys wrote how they wanted people to be treated it. "Everyone should be treated with respect."

For Grammar the boys worked on a mentor sentence from the book. We analyzed the sentence and our focus was complex sentences. 

We had a wonderful time reading Henry's Freedom Box. I highly recommend it.


Rooted in Reading
Mentor Sentence

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