Friday, 20 January 2017

Jane Goodall Biography Brochure

Hi guys! Happy Friday :). I hope you guys had a fun and productive week. One of my goals this year was to focus a lot on writing. Informational, biographies, narrative, etc. I am happy to say that we are accomplishing this goal. Today I wanted to share with you my sons Jane Goodall biography brochure report and art project. All resources are mentioned at the end of the post.

He really enjoyed learning all about her and her passion for animals. 

He gathered most of his information from this book and The Watcher which is more
detailed than Me...Jane. 

We also used QR codes for safe online research. 

Art Project:

I requested that I draw the chimp for him and I was okay with that. I made the outline and he added the details.Painted it and added texture. 

He cut out a tree trunk from brown construction paper and added detail using
black chalk pastels. He also used green and yellow paper to add leaves. 

 The art project was fun and easy. I think he could have drawn his own chimp if he wanted to.
The instructions were really clear and easy to follow. 

Biography Brochure
Art Lesson
QR Codes

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