Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Circulatory System Activities

Hi guys! I hope you guys are having an amazing week. We recently covered the heart and circulatory system in our science curriculum. This was a heavy chapter full of information, to insure the boys understood everything we supplemented with videos and hands on activities. Here are some of our favorite.

Edible Heart Model:

Activity from apologia anatomy and physiology text book. 

completed model. It was really messy but really worth it. 

Circulatory System:

We used hot wheels to review how the blood travels around the body. Blue cars for deoxygenated blood and red cars for oxygenated blood. 

This was a fun hands on way to help them remember all the names of the veins arteries involved. 


We also watched a Bill Nye video to help drive home the concepts we learned in the book. 

Mini Anchor Chart:

I love making anchor charts with the boys. It helps them recall information that we read about and we can display it to review. 

I hope some of these activities I shared will help you in your studies.

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