Monday, 4 September 2017

Nature Collage and Teaching Your Kids to Reflect

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you one of the activities that goes along with our seerah series. The Prophet (SAW) would often go off in seclusion and reflect on the purpose of life. So did a lot of the Anbiya. They were shepherds, this allowed them to stay connected with nature and be in a state of constant reminder of Allah.

I am not a nature lover (there I said it). But after reading the importance of staying connected, I try to make more of an effort to be outside and just sit in silence and reflect. My boys have also gotten into the habit of sitting outside and sketching and connecting with their lord.

It isn't enough to be out in nature, anyone can go outside and just stare at the sky. We must know how to properly reflect and connect it back to the Quran and our purpose of life.

The lesson comes with

1. Material list
2. Nature Reflection Tips and Ideas
3. Step by Step picture instructions
4. Links to Videos
5. Book Suggestions
6. Nature Collage Craft

You can head over to my TPT store to grab this lesson along with other lessons from our Seerah Series.
Click on the Image to purchase this lesson
Click on the image to purchase this lesson.

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