Sunday, 24 September 2017

Preschool Space Theme

Hi guys! This week for our preschool at home we had a space theme. Here are some of the activities we worked on.



He loved dressing up like an astronaut and playing with his 
sensory bin. In the sensory bin I put black and white 
kinetic sand and an astronaut toob.


Star stamping 

We made this cute rocket ship countdown craft


ten frame counting using large number cards
and space marbles. 

He also worked on his guided math. We read How Do 
Dinosaurs Count to Ten. 


He worked on some letter and beginning sound recognition in his interactive notebook, but here are two hands on activities I manage to capture. 

Sand letter tracing. 
The black sand I purchased from Michael's a couple
of years ago. 

Name rocket ship. 


Moon phases using play dough and printable from Montessori Print Shop.

That's it guys! We had a blast with this theme. We can't wait to do some fall activities.

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