Thursday, 26 September 2013

Blueberries for Sal/ B is for Bear

Blueberries for Sal
"B" is for Bear
This week "A" and I read Blueberries for Sal. Its a book about a little girl named Sal who goes blueberry picking with her mom, on the other side of the hill she discovers a momma bear also preparing for winter. Along with momma bear is her cab. "A" really enjoyed this book and so did big brother. 

I put our a letter B basket every morning for "A" to explore. 

Whats inside the basket?
During our story time we had a very own momma bear and baby bear join us. The boys loved this part. 

Islamic Studies/Arabic:
Letter د for  دُبٌّ  

Manners of eating mini book

Whats in the Mini book:
  • Remembering that Allah provides us the food we eat
  • Say Bismillah before you eat
  • Eat with your right hand
  • Eat healthy food
  • Say Alhamdulillah after your done eating 
Language Arts:
Letter B worksheets from 1+1+1=1.
Rhyming words from All About Reading Pr-K
Blueberries for Sal worksheets from Homeschool Creation
Blue glue with glitter and pasting bears. 

 ABC's write and wipe

Fine Motor:

We worked on one to one correspondence using our Counting Bears.

 He painted some blueberries for Momma and Baby Bear to eat

 We used glue, black sand, and silver glitter to make the bear

Baby Bear and Momma Bear on Blueberry hill Sensory


At the end of our week we baked blueberry muffins together. I had so much fun with my little man this week. Big brother also enjoyed all the fun activities.

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  1. Love how the baby bear and mama bear joined you! Fun and memorable row! Would love it if you'd link up at the B4FIAR link up on my blog! :)

  2. All linked up thanks for the invitation :)


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