Friday, 4 October 2013

Arabic Book Study

النحلة السعيدة 
"The Happy Bee"
And thy Lord taught the Bee to build its cells in hills, on trees, and in (men’s) habitations; 

Surat An-Naĥl (The Bee) – سورة النحل 16:68

 I've always wanted to do an Arabic book study with the boys so when I got the opportunity to order the Scholastic Arabic Library Set I decided to get started right away. النحلة السعيدةwhich translates to "The Happy Bee" is the first book we will be studying. I will be approaching this book study the same way that I would do an English book study. My main focus is comprehension and vocabulary and of course to have LOTS OF FUN.

Islamic Studies:

We made honey pots out of construction paper and brown lunch bags. They pasted the verse in the front of the pot.

The boys and I memorized the Verse in Surah Nahl;

Then to eat of all the produce (of the earth), and find with skill the spacious paths of its Lord: there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colors, wherein is healing for men: verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought.

Surat An-Naĥl (The Bee) – سورة النحل 16:69

We discussed the importance of eating honey and what it does for our health. Along with memorizing the verse we decided to eat a teaspoon of honey every morning for a week. This was a challenge because my boys are picky eaters but they stuck through it :) 

Language Arts:

During reading time I used some props to help the boys comprehend the story more.

The boys also used the story props to match the pictures in the story. 

In the story the bee goes around saying hello and goodbye to all the flowers. So they practiced the words  (Hello)مرحاب and (Goodbye)وداعا. By pretending to be the bee and saying it to the flowers. 

story sequencing cards/sentence strips

"O" did some copy work from the book and drew a picture.
"A" traced the letter ن and did some fingerprint bees on his paper.

 Follow the ن and help النحلة get to her house

Write the room activity/Vocabulary Practice

Illustrate beginning, middle, end of story

For math we concentrated on the Arabic numbers from 1-10. I decided to keep it simple because "A" was joining us for most of these activities.

Some of the math activities we did were;
  • Roll and Color

They would roll the dice and count the numbers in Arabic find the corresponding number and color it.
  • Pattern making

  • Number Recognition/Fine Motor Practice
Count the number of bees on the card and clip how many bees are on the card. This was a good number recognition/counting practice and "A" got to practice his fine motor skills. 

Fine Motor:

For fine motor practice I put together some yellow pom poms (النحلة)and had "A" Scoop and transfer them into a muffin tin. The boys were pretending to be the bees transferring nectar into their hives. I was very impressed that they understood the concept (Thanks to Magic School Bus).


Honey comb pattern using a hexagon shape.

Teachable Moments:
The boys and I went for a walk looking for bees. Unfortunately no bees but they discovered one of the flowers in the book. I was so happy to see how much they took in from the story. Don't you just love teachable moments :)

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