Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Glorious Flight

Planes, Planes, Planes

We recently went to the Toronto Pearson Airport Street Festival where the kids got to go on airplanes and meet some of the airport staff.They also had a bouncy house and a slide. The kids really enjoyed themselves.

After our trip to the airport big O wrote about his adventures in his journal.  

For O's Journal writing I use Draw and write by handwriting without tears. We already use this program for print practice so he is familiar with the lines.

O and I read The Glorious Flightby Alice and Martin Provensen.

Islamic Studies/Arabic:

We learned the du'a to be recited when mounting a car, airplane, any moving vehicle/animal. 

...سبحن الذي سخر لن هذا 

For Arabic we learned how to say airplane (طائرة ). Both boys also learned how to say what is this? in Arabic (ما هذا).
I also had O color all the different letters in the word, to help him practice the different forms. 
The story takes place in France so we located France on our globe and colored the flag/map of France. We discussed which continent France is on.

For the stickers that go in the passport I purchased Flags of the World 96 stickers.


We read The Usborne Book of Science things to make and do(pg 90)
The Usborne Big book of Big Machines

We made some paper airplanes and flew them around the room. 

We also watched the Magic School Bus "Takes Flight" here

After making our paper planes. I made a worksheet for O to graph how far his airplane could fly. 

Lap Journal:

For our lap journal we worked on some copy work, labelled an airplane, and did some punctuation worksheets. All the lap journal material can be found here

Craft/Sensory Play:

We constructed the airplane from different colored paper. Then the boys painted clouds. 

For Sensory play I made the boys some cloud dough. This was one of my favorite activities. The texture is very soothing they played for hours, and mommy got some quiet time ;)
Apples and grapes in the shape of an airplane for snack

Dramatic Play:
The boys flew their airplanes over a cut out of the city of Paris here. 

Note: All these activities were done in the span of two weeks.

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