Monday, 4 April 2016

Art Around the World: Panama

Hi guys, today I wanted to share another art around the world post with you guys. It's easy and turns out really beautiful.

We made paper molas which are brightly colored applique panels made only in the San Blas region of Panama, by the Kuna Indians.   

Here are the supplies you will need to recreate this beautiful craft. 


I used this parrot template and this turtle template but you can have your child draw out whatever animal they would like.

We read two picture books together Papagayo The Mischief Maker and The Fishermen and the Turtle. 

While I was reading the book the boys colored their animals. They each colored in a parrot, and worked on the turtle together. I encouraged them to use different colors and make patterns in their animals, we took inspiration from both books we read. 

Once they were done coloring the entire parrot we cut it out and glued it onto the black construction paper.

I cut stripes of neon paper and the boys glued it onto the black construction paper making sure to leave space between each strip.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this craft :).

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