Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Exploring Creation with Astronomy Lesson 7-8

Hi guys, I wanted to recap all the activities we did for lesson 7 and 8 Exploring Creation with Astronomy. The focus of these two lessons was Mars and Space Rocks.


The boys colored a picture of the Mars Rover while I read from the text book. You can find this free coloring page on eductaion.com 

We talked about why the sand on Mars is red and recreated martian sand.

Our sand never turned red but that's okay. It was a good lesson on what happens when science experiments don't work.

We learned all about Olympus Mons which is the largest volcano in our whole solar system. We did a volcano experiment, which never gets old.

We learned about the robots sent to Mars which are little cars with wheels. We created our own  balloon powered Mars rover which was a blast. You can check out the full post here.

We talked about moving to Mars and what they would bring with them. They both completed a notebooking page and drew what their Mars community would look like.

My 7 year old said; "If I went to Mars I would bring my toys, games and family with me. My life would be very happy." 

Space Rocks

 The coloring page is from education.com and the asteroid belt worksheet is from here

We learned the difference between comets, meteoriods, meteorites, and an asteroid.

This notebooking page is from Elemental Science astronomy notebooking pages.

We talked about the distance between the planets and for a visual we used toilet paper and the planet cards I created a while back.


The boys were really blown away by how far the planets are from each other for the full post go here. That's it for our lesson recap. I hope some of these activities inspire you :).

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  1. The toilet paper idea is great! I'm going to use that all the time.

  2. Love all the hands on activities to enhance the lessons. I never thought to visualize distance using toilet paper, such a neat idea!

    1. It was an easy and really fun activity. Thank your for stopping by.

  3. What wonderful lesson ideas! I love the toilet paper idea and making your own balloon powered rover. How fun!

    1. Both activities were a hit with the boys. Thank you for stopping by :).


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