Wednesday, 20 April 2016

'BUMP' Multiplication Review Game

Multiplication can be tricky for some kids. My oldest is fairly good at it but, he still needs to keep those skills sharp. To help him practice and review his multiplication facts we play lots of fun games. One of the games he loves to play is 'Bump'. This game can be played to review addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.

To play this game you will need;
  1. Game board (here)
  2. two types of counters (one for each player)
  3. 2 dice
  4. 2 players
How to play:
Player one rolls both dice he/she finds the sum and covers that number on the board. Player two rolls both dice he/she finds the sum and covers the sum on the game board. If player two rolls a number player one has covered player two gets to bump the counter off and place his/her counter in that place. If a player rolls a number that they covered already they get to place another counter on top and lock that place no one can bump them from that place.  The first player to place all ten counters wins.

This is a really and easy fun game. What math games do your kids like to play?

For more ideas and fun games you can go to our math themed pinterest board.

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