Friday, 2 September 2016

Preschool My Body Unit

Hi guys! Our theme for preschool this week was all about "my body." We worked on a lot of vocabulary words through dramatic play, puzzles, and hands on fun.


 letter matching using our magnetic board. 

X is for Xylophone do a dot printable.

Letter X beginning sound basket. 


 number matching

Color review using Abeka language development card and unifex cubes.


Puzzles/Life Skills:

 His favorite skeleton puzzle. 

Dressing the bear family. We talked abut all the different clothes and facial expressions of the bears. 

Vocabulary Practice:

This was my favorite puzzle for vocabulary practice this week. I would read the word part of the puzzle and he would match it to the picture card. 

He really enjoyed this activity. I would say "Howie has an owie on his knee" and he would place a band-aid on his knee. It was a good way to review all those parts of the body he isn't familiar with. 

We also used this parts of the body poster a lot. I kept it up all week and he would refer to it whenever he was playing in the school room.

One of the things his speech therapist wanted us to work on was including lots of verbs in his vocabulary. So to help with that, I used these action verbs flash cards. I would point to a word and he would repeat after me. We also acted out the actions just to make it more fun.

Theme Play:

 For our theme play I set out a baby doll and a doctor set. He loved playing doctor and giving the baby a check up. I also used Abeka language development card to introduce the word doctor. 

Sensory Play:

washing the baby doll.


 Here are some of the books we enjoyed this week. 

I also added this video just to drive home some of the concepts we covered this week.

I hope some of what we shared is helpful to some of you. I will be keeping some of his favorite activities up next week also. We are on a 5 weeks on 1 week off schedule this year.

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