Tuesday, 13 September 2016

What are Landforms?

Today was the first day in our landforms and bodies of water unit study. We read some great books, watched some videos, and made our first vocabulary card.

We read from these two books, and the boys narrated to me. 

After we read from both books the boys drew and painted their vocabulary card. We used a picture in one of the books for inspiration. 

The boys copied their narrations onto the vocabulary card.

I laminated both cards so that they would last longer and water color tends to bend the paper.

The vocabulary cards turned out wonderful, we will be making one for the different landforms we will study. This will help them remember the different vocabulary.

Make sure to check out this post for all the books, printables, and hands on things we will be doing during this unit study.

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  1. I love these vocabulary cards. Laminating them is such a great idea. These turned out so beautiful. Well done.


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