Friday, 17 March 2017

Human Body-Hands on Activities

Hi guys! We are using Apologia Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology, and we are loving it. I wanted to share with you some fun hands on activities that have helped my boys retain all the information we learned.


To help us remember all the different parts of a cell and their function, we made an 
edible cell using jello and candy. 

Skeletal System:

We love our skeleton puzzle. After putting the puzzle together the boys worked
as a team and labelled as many bones on the body as possible. You can go here to read
more about his fun activity. 

Digestive System:

Simulating what happens to your food once it's in your stomach. 

Respiratory System:

 Lung model


 What's in a drop of blood. This activity helped the boys remember all the different parts of the blood.
Plasma,red blood cells,white blood cells, and platelets. 


heart model using graham crackers, marshmallows (small and large ones)
we used icing with food coloring but you can use paint. 

Home made stethoscope. This was easy to put together and it really works. 

We spent a good amount of time on the heart since it's so complex. I put together this activity to help us remember how the blood circulates around the body. You can read all about this activity here.

Nervous System:

Nerve necklace.


Image result for teachermomplus3 instagram
model of the brain using play dough.

What would happened to our brain if we didn't have fluid around it.
To do this activity you need two real eggs, 1 plastic egg, and corn syrup(brain fluid)

The "brain" with no fluid around it. Once we dropped the egg it cracked easily. 

The "brain" with fluid around it had very small crack. The fluid acts as a cushion protecting the brain.

Your Senses:

Model of the ear using air drying clay. After everything dried the boys painted all the different parts
and we labelled our ears.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all those activities. We have 3 more chapters left in our science curriculum. I'll add the rest of the activities once we complete them. Science is one subject that I have to incorporate hands on learning, this helps the material and all those new vocabulary stick better.

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