Monday 20 March 2017

Puddle Jump Beginning Sounds Game

Hi guys, happy Monday! Today I wanted to share with you a fun activity that my preschooler really enjoyed. This week for our theme we will be learning all about weather. Today's focus was rain and clouds.

  1. Blue Paper Plates (small ones)
  2. Letter Stickers (or you can write the letters on)
  3. Objects that start with that letter (I used our beginning sound bean bags).


I spread the paper plates around the room like rain puddles, and put all the bean bags in a basket. Since this was a review for him I only helped if he didn't recognize the picture. He would take out a bean bag from the basket say the name and letter sound and find the corresponding 'puddle.'

A short video of him playing the game.

You can modify this game to play with your toddler even.
  1. Use less letters and objects (this way your child can focus on certain letters)
  2. Have your child match letters instead of sounds.
  3. Have your child match uppercase to lowercase
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  1. My son would love this game :)


    1. it is really fun and simple to put together.


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