Monday, 27 March 2017

Shark Tooth Dig Kit

Happy Monday guys! Since we are nearing the end of our school year, we spend this time working on a lot of hands on units that are interest led. The boys are fascinated by sharks even my preschooler is in love with them. So we are naturally learning about these creatures of the ocean. We are using Build your library shark unit as our main lesson plan. The first activity we worked on was a shark tooth dig kit. I was planning on saving this for the end of the unit but once they saw it, well, there was no hiding it.

Each kit comes with three tooth fossils, dig tools, and a learning guide to help you identify your teeth.
I purchased my kit from Michael's.

Both boys managed to find all three teeth in their fossil.

I always thought that they would not enjoy doing activities like this, because it requires a lot of patience. But they loved it! I will definitely be getting more kits like this in the feature.

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