Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fall Activities

Pumpkins Pumpkins 

The Season of fall is upon us. I don't know about you but I love fall, the weather is cooler and the air smells of all those leaves. 

Instead of doing one long blog about fall activities I decided to break it down into smaller posts. To kick off our first day of fall activities we decided to start with some Pumpkin fun.


We did a sink and float experiment. First I asked the boys to predict whether the pumpkin would float or sink, than they got to test out their prediction. Then we cut open the pumpkin to take out the seeds. I wasn't expecting it to be that gooey and stringy. Luckily Ayayoo (grandma) was around to help take out some of the seeds. After taking out the seeds we also tested to see whether they would float or sink. 

Before and after our experiment we filled out a sheet to record all our findings. 

Color Mixing:

Before doing any crafts I decided to teach the boys what two colors made orange. This was really fun mixing the yellow and red together. They discovered the more yellow they used the lighter orange they were able to make.

After making our orange color we painted some pumpkins. To make the stem of the pumpkin we did hand prints using green. It turned out really good.


We made orange glow in the dark play dough. I put out some pumpkin, leaf, and apple cookie cutters. The boys had tones of fun making and playing with the play dough. It didn't give a good glow like I thought it would but they were still impressed with it. I think I'll try this play dough recipe again and see if I can get it to glow more :)

  Stay tuned for more fun fall activities in my next post.

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