Friday, 18 October 2013

Red Leaf Yellow Leaf

Red Leaf Yellow Leaf


This is one of my favorite books to read to the boys before our leaf activities. It has some beautiful leaf pictures and the texture on the pages feel like real leafs.

Islamic Studies:

This idea came from O's Arabic teacher it was a craft that they did during one of our meetings together. I decided to do it with him at home since he didn't complete it in class. I had him trace the verse and decorate his paper with felt leaves. 

And not a leaf falls, but he knows it. Surah Al-An'am (59)

We recently went on a field trip to High Park. They have a program for the kids to explore different seasons. After reading some books about fall they took us on a nature walk. the weather was perfect for this walk, the children got o explore all the different leaves on the floor. They were also given a challenge to find which tree all the different leaves came from. 

After we came from our trip I had O write in his journal about his experience at high park. 


Using the leaves we collected I decided to do a science activity with they boys. I asked them how long they thought the leaves would take to become crunchy. I put the leaves in a zip lock bag and decided to observe them every day and record our findings in O's science notebook. 
I got this idea for the science activity here

Day 1

Day 2/3
It took a little over six days for the leaves to become crunchy. 

Language Arts:
"O" worked on a fall sight word booklet here he read the sentence colored in the leaves and highlighted the sight word using highlighter tape here. I love these highlighter tapes it is something different "O" can use to do his work. He also worked on two worksheets fill in the blanks and Fix the statement worksheet here

"A" worked on some fall worksheets here

List Poem about fall here

Fine Motor:

Leaf Origami here


leaf printing

I traced the boys hands to make the tree and made finger print leaves
Fall collage I used the clip art from here

Branch and button leaves


For sensory activity I had the boys explore the leaves they collected and we talked about what they felt, smelt, and looked like. 

There was one particular tree that we discovered during our walk. The stem of the leaves smelt like lemons. I cant remember the name of the tree. 


Roll and color fall worksheet

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