Monday, 28 October 2013

Letter of the Week

P is for Panda

Big Panda Little Panda by Joan Stimson

"A" and I read Big Panda Little Panda by Joan Stimson. Along with the book I put out two panda bears, a panda puzzle, and a train set that we bought at the zoo. 

Panda Express train

Our trip to the Zoo to see the Giant Pandas

I took the boys to see the giant pandas at the Toronto Zoo. Both my boys are obsessed with pandas but "A" in particular is in love with them.

After the Zoo I did some activities as an extension.


Letter P stamping

P is for Panda Q-Tip painting

I typed sticky contact paper to the table and gave "A" some strips and circle blue paper. He practiced making the letter P with them.


Match the number


Panda out of paper plates. We ran out of black paper so we used different colors for the hands and feet.

Using green tissue paper "A" made some bamboo strips for panda

Fine Motor:

Big brother helped "A" work on a panda puzzle.

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