Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dhul Hajj Activities

 Hajj activities to do with your kids!

This post is about some activities I did with the boys to teach them about Hajj and the importance of it.


The first activity I did with the boys is a map of Mecca. I had the boys color all the different places on the map. While they were coloring I discussed with them what Hajj is and what Muslims do during Hajj. We talked about all the different locations on the map (Makah,Muzdalifa, Mount Arafa, the Jamarat, etc..) 


After coloring in the map, I had the boys paint over the map with a mixture of tea and water. When the map dried I burnt the ends giving it an old look and feel.


We talked about how Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam. The boys watched a video on the pillars of Islam here. After the video I had the boys do a craft. 


# 3:
We discussed where the Kaaba is, I told the boys a brief story about how the Kaaba was built. We also went on google earth, and looked at pictures of the Kaaba, Mount Arafa, Jamarat, etc. 

There dad went to hajj recently so we looked at pictures that he took while he was there.

We also made our own Kaaba using a small box. We covered the box with paper mache and then painted it with black paint. We added a yellow strip of construction paper around the Kaaba. This project was a lot of fun to do with the boys. 


The boys dressed up like Hujjaj and recited the talbiya.

Hajj postcard.


We discussed the ritual sacrifice and made a craft to go along with it. 

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