Monday, 22 February 2016

Homeschool Room Tour

Today I wanted to share with you a tour of our homeschool room. We are so blessed to have a separate space to learn, play, and store all our homeschool supplies.

It isn't a large room but we love it and are grateful for it. I will say that this room is not the only place learning happens. We school on the couch, kitchen, living room floor, bedrooms, etc.

As you come up the stairs this is one of the first two walls you see. On this wall we keep our Animals Around the World, alphabet poster and number poster.

The second wall is our art display.

Next to our Animals Around the World wall we have a Expedite shelf. I keep all our current homeschool curriculum and teacher manuals on this shelf. 

On top of the shelf I keep a basket with extra construction paper, and large items that don't feet any where else. I also have cleaning supplies and a globe up there. I have some Ikea storage bins at the bottom that I keep crafts, and miscellaneous items. I stenciled some numbers on them you can read more about it here.

Next to the Expedite I have a world map and our reading area. 

Our books shelves are from Ikea, the rug I found at Home Sense and the crate is from Michaels.

In the center of the room is our table. This table is perfect for group activities we can all fit which I love. Behind the table is a bench for reading. If you want to read more about it here's the link to that post.

On top of the bench I have some moon clocks that my son and I made together.

You can read more about how we made this here

Next to the bench is our white board. Its the perfect size, I purchased it from staples. 

Next to the board is another Expedite but this one is the 4x4. I store curriculum that we are not currently using and our read alouds.

On top we keep any of our large projects that we worked on. Our Solar System model, model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the double crown of Egypt and a DIY world map.

Next to the Expedite is a fire place. On the mental I keep our All about Reading letter tiles and our Homeschool Schedule.

Next to the fire place is my desk.

The desk and chair are both from Ikea. Under the desk I keep a small garbage can which I got from Michaels. 

That's it for the space, I hope you enjoyed touring our homeschool room :).

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  1. I LOVE your room! It looks nice, roomy, breezy and I love all the little decorations. The solar system, maps & white boards are a big part of our lives too. Have tweeted & pinned to the practical mondays board:)

  2. (ps: how come you aren't on twitter? just asking..)

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate you pinning and twitting my post. I am really new to the whole social media thing. I'll have to learn how twitter works. Thanks for the suggestion :).

  3. Do you find that the shelves bow on your Expedite shelving? I have a fiberboard bookshelf that we bought at Walmart, and it is bowing with our Sonlight books!

    1. Hi Amber, the shelf is pretty thick I haven't had it long but I don't believe it will. But, this is the old version of the Expedite I believe that they have changed the shelf and how thick they come. I don't know how the new versions will hold up. Thanks for stopping by I hope that helped.


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