Thursday, 25 February 2016

Arabic Preposition Unit

To help my son learn his Arabic prepositions I put together this fun hands on unit for him. It does not cover all the prepositions only 8 of them. I will continue to add on to this as he learns more. Included in this unit are;

  • Preposition puzzle
  • Spin and Write
  • Preposition Bingo
  • Wall poster
  • flash cards
  • Write the room 

He really enjoyed doing all the hands on activities, this unit helped him not only memorize the 8 preposition it also helped him read and write them. I've included this unit as a free download for you to enjoy and use.

This was his favorite activity. I gave him two boxes and a figurine. I read the card to him and he placed the figurine according to the preposition. For example "the boy is under the box," he would place the boy under the box. 

Spin and Write Activity:

Preposition Bingo:

 I printed mind in black and white but it does come in color.
Click on the image above to download your FREE copy.

I hope you enjoy this unit as much as I enjoyed making it. Please let me know what you think I would love some feed back. 


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