Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Tot-School Day 3 'Dinosaur' Fine Motor Activity

For Day 3 of our dinosaur theme we worked on fine motor skills. I put all his activities in his tot school shelf and allowed him to chose which ones he wanted to work on first.

He really enjoyed these activities and we will definitely revisit some of them with different themes.

'Dinosaur Eggs'

I purchased the eggs from the dollar store and put dinosaurs inside them. He found this activity too easy, but it did help him practice his fine motor skills.

Clothespin Clipping

This activity was hard for him, he needed me to sit with him and show him how to hold the clips. We will continue to work on his pincer grip.

Big brother took over so that I could get some pictures of him. He loves it when they help him with his activities, and secretly I think they enjoy it more than him. I purchased the dino printables from teacher pay teacher.

Dinosaur Puzzle

This activity can be used as a cognitive activity too. I purchased the puzzle pieces from Michaels and covered them with dinosaur foam stickers.

I really didn't think he was going to try to match the dinosaurs but he surprised me when he started to match them up by color.

When he was done matching them up he wanted me to put them all together. He sat there counting which was so cute to watch.

To see what we did day 1 and 2 of our dinosaur activities click on the pictures below.


  1. What a great list of dinosaur ideas. My boys really love it when we do our yearly dinosaur unit, we will have to add a couple of these activities into next years unit. Have a blessed week!!

  2. Thank you Nichole. Yes! who doesn't love a dinosaur unit. I hope you and your boys enjoy all the activities.

  3. We haven't started learning about dinosaurs yet but this is super cute. I kind of forgot about dinosaur activities- I will definitely be using these ideas soon. Thanks!


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