Sunday, 13 November 2016

Canadian Geography: Quebec

  • Quebec is Canada's northeastern province
  • Capital City is Quebec City
  • Snowy Owl is the provincial bird. 
  • Blue Flag is the provincial flower
  • Quebec is Canada's largest maple syrup producer
  • Quebec has some of the coldest winters and hottest summers
  • Chateau Frontenac is a famous castle hotel in Quebec City.
Hi guys! We recently wrapped up our study on the province of Quebec. Here is some of the activities we worked on.

The boys always start off with coloring the province coloring sheet. 

We dissected an owl pallet and learned all about owls. 

We also learned all about Chateau Frontenac and did a fun penny experiment. You can read all about that here

 Quebec is Canada's largest maple syrup producer, so we read this wonderful book called At Grandpa's Sugar Bush. We learned how maple syrup is made. 

That's it for our study on Quebec we're headed next to Ontario!

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