Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Expository Writing

Hi guys! This year the boys and I are really trying to make an effort to include lots of writing into their homeschool day. We journal in the morning but, I wanted them to be able to write a proper paragraph with all the elements needed. I tried IEW with my son last year although it is an excellent writing program he didn't take to it very well. I wanted to keep writing fun and include activities that would help them remember the writing structure.

I found a really simple program for my 1st grader over on TPT called Ready for Writing. I used ready for writing to help build a base for both boys and to bring more fun hands on I used Write On. A link for both can be found at the end of the post. Ready for Writing covers expository writing, narrative, and opinion writing. We started with expository writing. They learned the purpose and how to identify this type of writing using worksheets and living books. I loved that it walked them through each element (topic, details, examples, and a conclusion) in an interactive way.

This program is meant for 1st-2nd grade but, I included my 3rd grader because he hasn't had a lot of exposure to writing either.

Here are the boys going through some of our books and sorting them according to whether it is expository or just a story.

The program comes with a foldable that you assemble. We went through the purpose (to inform, give facts, includes procedural writing).

Here is my son identifying the examples in each paragraph.

Once the boys had all the elements of a good paragraph down. They got to put all they learned to practice.

After brainstorming ideas he decided to write about Orca Whales. We worked on a topic sentence, 3 detail sentences, and example for each detail, and a conclusion sentence. Because he worked on identifying and practicing the proper structure this was an easy process for him.

He also learned all about transition words to make his writing flow. He used this fun worksheet to practice putting transitional words with a detail phrase. 

We also talked about turning simple sentences into compound and complex sentences using conjunctions. 
This isn't part of ready for writing I felt like he needed a little bit more so I included some extras. 

Here are both boys working on their rough draft. 

Once both boys finished their rough draft. We did this really fun activity to check if their paragraph had all the elements (topic sentence, 3 details, example, and a conclusion).

They would receive a part of their "burger" every time they identified a certain element in their writing. 

here he is with his completed "burger" this was a fun activity. 

They helped edit each others writing using a editing guide. 

 Once they edited each others work they started on their good copy. 

I always try to include a craft it makes the process more fun. 

Final Draft. 

They were so proud of themselves and got to present their writing to their dad. I loved all the hands on activities! This was the first time we did writing and nobody cried. I can honestly say they looked forward to every step.


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