Friday, 4 November 2016

Preschool Letter V Activities

Letter: V
Vocabulary Focus: Vegetable and Volcano
Colors: Review Color Words
Numbers: Counting 1-20

Hi guys! It's been a while since I wrote about our letter of the week activities. My preschooler was not really into the activities, but lately he has shown some interest in going back to his letter activities. This week we focused on letter V.


Letter V beginning sound basket. I had him match the small objects to the picture cards. You can grab the printable for these cards at the end of the post.

worksheet from here.

Count the dots and match them to the correct number. I want him to eventually recognize the pattern of dots without having to count.

Sensory/Fine Motor:

He made vegetable prints on the play dough. 

washing vegetables. We talked about all the different names of the vegetables. 


We went through one of our local grocery store flyers and picked out different vegetables. I helped him cut them out and he glued them to the letter V.

Craft template from here.

V is for volcano baking soda and vinegar experiment. 


invitation to explore.
Click on the image to download.

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